Every day Kurt Meyers brings you up to date on the latest trending topics in the fast-paced romp through the latest but not always the greatest on the internet.

MSN Now / 2 min / Ongoing Daily

13 Daytime Emmy Nominations

The one that put us onto the pop culture map, PUV helped shape the voice of a network and a generation of jaded music video fans when it first premiered in 1996. Thirteen years later it is still entertaining, informing and enhancing music videos and shows like Jersey Shore to reach new audiences and deeper engagement. Have you been “Popped” lately?

VH1 / 110 x 30 min / Season 12

The first movie review gameshow that pits real people against each other. Every Friday we pay for 10 real people from around the country to check out the two biggest movie openings.

Reelz Channel / 100 x 30 min / Season 3

We prove or disprove some of today’s most controversial medical myths.

Still needs to be written.


Kurt Meyers is our resident super fan on all things pop culture. Each week Kurt “Geeks Out” on a celebrity, movie, TV show, event or new gadget trending on-line.

MSN / Youtube / 3 min / Ongoing

MSN’s #1 entertainment show recaps the four biggest shows on TV last night. We watch everything so you don’t have to and in the morning you can wake up to the good parts as Daniel Fishel runs you through the best, the worst, and the most talked about moments on TV last night.

MSN / 3 min / Ongoing Daily

Our “Super Show” highlighting the five most watched shows on DIY Network, cut down into one fast and fun 30 min show.

DIY Network / 12 x 30 min / Season 2

The first live dance competition TV show ever created using Skype technology to allow contestants to compete against each other simultaneously from their own homes.

VH1 / 8 x 30 min / One Season

Everything looks epic in Slo Mo Muther F…er. Our Slow Motion laboratory shoots everything from Mentos and Coke explosions to celebrity hair flips all at 2000 frames a second.

Pop Spot / 2 min. / Ongoing

Two comedians face off to debate the biggest topics of the day in this hilariously informative and tense pop culture smack down.

MSN / 2 min. / Season 3

When Sundance Channel decided to change its programming and dive into the docu-soap world they called on us to build an audience on-line before they ever shot a frame. Six months and 250,000 “friends” later we successfully built an army of “fans” through smart, clever curation, advertising and events that resulted in boffo ratings for there premiere of the show.

Sundance Channel / Social Marketing Campaign

We were selected as one of the 100 inaugural Youtube partners in August 2011 to create a pop culture channel.

Youtube / Ongoing

It’s simple: we take objects that men desire out to the desert and blow them to smithereens. Repeat.

Yahoo! / 24 x 2 min / Season 1

Step inside our mobile TV studio and anything could happen. Confess to a sin, enter our dance contest, send a video postcard or just get your Freak On anything is fair game as we record your session in SD, HD, 3D or Slo-Motion and send it instantly to your FB page, Youtube Channel or sponsor’s site.


Effie Award Winner

A road trip across America where Andrew Zimmern meets with locals, samples local foods, and experiences local attractions.

MSN / 20 x 4 Min / Season 4

Yahoo! News’s #1 show for three years running with over 750 episodes and 250,000,000 streams. Who Knew? That’s right the hit daily web series sponsored by Toyota takes a 90 second deeper dive into trending topics using only text, voice and images in a cleverly written circuitous News You Can Use ride.

Yahoo! / 600 x 80 sec / Daily Ongoing

When DDN wanted to create a network of original short-form content that would play on 12,000 screens in 6,000 7-11 stores around the country, they called us.

7-Eleven / Ongoing